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San Diego is famous for many things: The Beach, The Weather, Spring Break, Beautiful Girls, and a lot more. But let's focus on one thing - pretty girls who are willing to get naked. For some reason, a lot of cute girls in San Diego seem more than willing to get naked for a camera. That has turned San Diego into a mecca for amateur porn producers. If you have girl friends in the Southern California area and if you suspect they might be doing a little stripping or porn on the side, this site will point you in the right direction to try to see them nude. There are hundreds of San Diego beach babes and cuties on the following sites and these are mostly real local girls, not porn stars - hot chicks who just enjoy getting naked, or enjoy the money at the very least. So, give each of these sites a little bit of your time and we think you're likely to find something you like!
SoCal Coeds - Now that Busty Amateurs is gone, SoCal Coeds moves to the front of the class as far as Southern California porn sites goes. There are more hot chicks from San Diego and Orange County getting naked, posting, and having sex, than just about anywhere else. If you're looking for hot local college girls from So Cal who are making money by posing naked and having sex, well, it doesn't get much better than this. They also have free movie sample on the site, in case you don't believe me about how cute the girls are. :-)
Angels Of Porn - This site is another local creation. It's run by a couple of cute amateur babes from San Diego and most of the content is shot right here in San Diego. Check out the free preview and you might see some Pacific Beach, North County, or other area girls you know. This site is part of the reason that San Diego is known as the "Amateur Porn Capital Of The World"!
Dave Cummings - What can I say about Dave that hasn't been said a million times? He is a living legend of porn. He is over 60 years old and he proudly bills himself as the "Oldest Active Porn Star". Like Grandma Moses before him, Dave Cummings got a late start in the industry that would make him famous. He was 55 years old before he broke into the porn biz. No one could have known how big of a name he was going to make for himself. Check out his site to hear, in his own words, how great it is to be a senior citizen having sex with teen porn stars all day long. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta live it. While Dave lives and works here in San Diego, his fame has spread far and wide and he's got fans all over the world!

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